Cabin Life the Ancient Way

This past weekend was about Resurrection and Relaxation. My family and I ditched the typical Easter Sunday fuss and frills to set out on the best road trip ever to explore New Mexico's enchanting mountainsides and celebrate God's creations. I spent the entire night before obsessively mapping the directions and compulsively checking our reservations to make certain that everything was perfect! Early Saturday morning we packed the car with... Continue Reading →

This morning I slept in, watched cartoons with my son, made a pot of coffee, read a magazine and napped all over again before leisurely crawling out the bed around 1pm to start my day. I threw on a gray tshirt dress with black tights and brown hiking boots with a long, olive green duster-trendy and... Continue Reading →

Destination: Cochiti Lake

There's something majestic about Cochiti Lake that stays with you long after you've said your goodbyes. For the past three years, I had no idea that this Lake existed even though it's only a short 45 minute drive away.  As we approached Cochiti Lake, I momentarily felt as if I had traveled back home to... Continue Reading →

Backhanded Compliment

Thanks, but No Thanks to your backhanded compliment. Read to learn my thoughts on why people do it and how to best handle when faced with this passive aggressive situation!

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