Ungracefully Leaping

“Life remains unchanged till a leap of faith runs towards heaven”  

Life is about taking chances. It is through these leaps that we uncover our strong and successful selves. Now let me be honest. The word ‘leap’ reminds me of a gazelle gracefully galloping through an open field. Moving from South Carolina to New Mexico was not nearly as picturesque. Leaving my loved ones to live in an unfamiliar place felt more like a crash-land of faith. This photo of the heavens and open sky was captured on my first flight to New Mexico over 3 years ago.  I didn’t have a clue of the fun, true happiness and adventures that awaited me. What once was unfamiliar has blossomed into wonderful friendships and a home away from home.  I am excited to share these moments in EllaBea.  

Ungracefully leaping,


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