What’s Hot

With all the predictions from top designers and home magazines on the hottest home décor trends, I decided to create my own less notarized list of What’s Hot that I want to follow in the upcoming year!

Houseplants. One of my favorite things to do is buy plants from estate sales (I have over 20 and counting!). Call it weird, but I actually like the feeling of buying plants from a home whose owner is no longer able to take care of them. I’ve found so many unique plants while thrifting that I would never find and/or buy at such a ridiculously low price if shopping at a local home improvement store. I even nabbed a string of pearls plant while shopping in a consignment store. I predict that the new year will bring even more good luck with finding houseplants in unconventional places! (fingers crossed that I find a fiddle leaf tree or tall indoor cactus) Who knew that by thrifting I could help save the world-one little orphaned plant at a time!!!

Bold Patterns & Textiles. Mixing patterns creates dimensions and tells a personal story. From a wild pink  juju hat hanging on the wall to coral and teal floral print curtains to bright, multicolored kilim pillows haphazardly thrown across the couch-there is absolutely no rules when it comes to adding a pop of color other than just do it!

I predict this will be a year of boldness and unashamed risks. Here’s to my home being filled with in-your-face patterns, global textiles and playful colors!

Wicker! Wicker! Wicker! What’s old is new again. The internet has been taken over by wicker! Whether its a planter or collaged wall art, you cant go wrong with this trend. The best place to find unique wicker baskets-round, small, tray and extra tall-are at estate sales!! Think 80 year old grandma that has a stockpile in her attic since the 70s when they were last in style!  My own wicker collection is growing and it is so fun finding new pieces.



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