Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy

Pimpin’ ain’t easy and neither is Bloggin’

When I decided to live life true to my creative self, I thought that setting up a blog would be nice and easy like a do-it-at-home hair coloring kit. So far it’s been months and frankly I haven’t done much of anything outside of writing this blog to say I haven’t done much of anything! I realize that the problem is not that I don’t have a plethora of ideas to post, it’s that I don’t have the confidence to share them! I panic and think, what if I use the wrong word  (I’m still trying to figure out the difference between rattan and wicker) or I make a decorating faux pas and some top designer calls me out on it.

  1. Mistakes are part of learning!
  2. If a top designer actually reads my blog to even catch the rookie mistake then I MUST be doing something right.

In the end, this blog is to showcase my hidden and not so hidden skills and passion. I hunt for bargains on a daily basis and find so many cool things. It’s something that I love. It’s something that I want to share. I’m no expert. It’s just that simple.




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