Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano

They call it the Land of Fire and Ice. Yet, I saw none of one and barely of the other. Despite my slight disappointment that we weren’t going to actually hike the caves, I must admit that the cave itself was pretty cool to see. The owners gave a canned spiel on being 4th Generation discoverers of the caves and within the old trading post aka museum some quite questionable, primitive tools, guns and vessels that were discovered in the ice caves were on full display. I’m partial to the fact they were found in the volcanic ruins simply because I felt the owner’s brochure was impartial within its own statement that “most” of the artifacts were found in “similar caves”. I could have done without the history speech and just let the cave speak for itself.  $20 bucks and 72 stairs later, there was only one cave that you were “allowed” to see up close and personal. Of course we veered off course just a tad bit to explore the other caves just to make sure I got my highly taxed penny’s worth.

Cool cave we saw that was technically “not on the path”
This is the look of a kid that received permission to break all the rules
Another cool cave….in the restricted area
Gnarly Tree


Caves created by volcanic eruption over 1,000 years ago
72 damn steps going up
72 damn steps going down
The Land of Fire & Ice
Inside the Cave


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