One Room Challenge

One day you’re in your 20s and excited about a new outfit…the next you’re pushing 40 and excited about new appliances! Maybe it’s a crisis or just maybe my new champagne-colored Samsung washer and dryer set is just that damn delighful! I’ll go with the latter.

I wouldn’t say my old laundry room was terrible, the word “outdated” is more accurate. The set that came with the house served me well for nearly 3 years. The dryer was no longer operating after the motor went bad. Even the appliance repairman advised me to forego repairing and buy a new one. I had no idea dryers cost so much! I also learned that I had a gas line, which meant add an additional $50-$100 to the low prices advertised. Figured since I had to spend real money, I might as well get what I want and makeover the laundry room while I was at it.

I spent so many months looking for a washer and dryer set that was cute and affordable. I nearly stalked Lowe’s for a sidewalk sale that seemed to be nearly every weekend when I wasn’t looking for a set. Now that I was in desperate need, there seemed to be no slashed prices available. After over a year I finally found my dream washer and dryer set! A Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer in Champagne (similiar to rose gold).

Now that I scored the perfect set, it was time to work on transforming the laundry room. Hiring professionals to reconstruct the laundry room was out of the budget. I had to find something quick, easy and cheap, yet chic and high-end looking. With an almost nonexistent budget, I scoured every clearance section looking for affordable, removable wall paper. I found one brand new roll of Opalhouse Eulalia White/Black wallpaper for sale on Facebook marketplace for $10. Sure one wouldn’t be enough, but it was perfect to test it out and see if it was worth buying more. I immediately fell in love with the print and ordered two more rolls at $34.99 each from Target.

This wallpaper was overall easy, but boy did it stick to my hair, face and to itself a few times while trying to put it up. I finally mastered the smooth with one hand and pull down the backing with the other technique which prevented the wallpaper from sticking to itself. Also, I quickly gave up on trying to line up the print images, it required wasting nearly half of each roll just to attempt to have it mirrored correctly.

The only other major changes were spray painting the shelf black to zhuzh it up a bit and swapping out my son’s old Mario and Luigi (hence blue and green) fabric bins for black IKEA bins. The black and white geometric bins are Dollar Tree! The smaller size is perfect for holding washcloths, laundry pins and knickknacks.

I am totally in love with my new laundry room! My son, Art Effect Kid, made his own mask and sunglasses art to give our new washer and dryer a bit more character. After a few weeks of bending over to load and unload clothes, I noticed that I didn’t get the stacker. Not only will it cover the water line/washer hookups but will the set more height. Overall, I think I came out a winner in this one room challenge!


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