Just Like My Grandma

This blog is named after my paternal and maternal Grandmothers, Ella Francis and Beatrice Miller. It was my Granny’s (Beatrice) passing in 2007 that pushed me to ask the tough questions and learn our family’s history before it was too late. They say ‘you can’t take it with you’ referring to materialistic things. But what about the wisdom and countless stories our elderly withhold. I wanted to leave no stone unturned, no story left behind. So I spent as much time as possible with my surviving (at the time) Grandma Francis, listening to her stories and recording her singing her favorite songs.

On May 10, I lost my dear Grandma Francis. She was my best friend. Although both of my Grandma’s are gone, their words and wisdom continue to live within me. I’m so blessed to have countless memories and this blog to commemorate them both.


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