Always a Happy Place

What if I told you this time of the year used to be my darkest. It felt like the biggest downside to moving to New Mexico was having to leave my South Carolina roots and family traditions behind. Thanksgiving became my “trigger holiday” as I missed the sound of everyone gathering and endless plates of good food. No matter who was upset with whom, on Thanksgiving we always came together and my Granny’s table was always a happy place.

A few years ago I decided to recreate those traditions and create my own memories. For whatever reason (maybe because it kept me busy and distracted from my sadness) I hyper focused on setting my dining table. It’s now become a tradition of my own. No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a fabulous table darling! I now dream and take delight in planning what the theme will be. Dark and Afro-moody or bright and classic? What was once depressing is now one of my most favorite days…and for that I will always be thankful.


2 thoughts on “Always a Happy Place

  1. Such a beautiful setting! You’ve inspired your niece to create a hand crafted Thanksgiving menu this year and a couple of years ago, hopefully, this will be our new tradition!

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