Keep Portland Weird

On my son’s 14 birthday, we visited Portland, Oregon and instantly fell in love!

I admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can’t really say that my vision of Portland was for it to resemble a smaller version of New York City with a slower, Southern pace. The hipster vibes were everywhere. We stayed at The Paramount Hotel in the heart of downtown Portland, just blocks from the Portlandia statue. The hotel’s proximity to the Moda Center, where we watched the Portland Trailblazers play the Indiana Pacers, made it an easy Uber ride to see the game. The city spared no luxuries. We were picked up in a Telsa! During our stay we also stopped by the Pioneer Place, an upscale “mall” if you could call it that, with stores by Gucci, YSL and Louis Vuitton. Of course, we window shopped, and we were so excited to find Raising Canes in the food court. I had an extra surprise in store for my son. We spent the day in Woodlawn, the neighborhood where my son’s favorite artist, Aminé, grew up. My son stood on the exact basketball court where the artist recorded his Woodlawn Park video. I hope he will never forget this experience and birthday trip!

Portland, keep it weird. We shall return.

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