This morning I slept in, watched cartoons with my son, made a pot of coffee, read a magazine and napped all over again before leisurely crawling out the bed around 1pm to start my day. I threw on a gray tshirt dress with black tights and brown hiking boots with a long, olive green duster-trendy and... Continue Reading →

Backhanded Compliment

Thanks, but No Thanks to your backhanded compliment. Read to learn my thoughts on why people do it and how to best handle when faced with this passive aggressive situation!

Motivated By Death

Death is like a cold, hard slap to the face screaming *in my Spike Lee voice* "Wake up!" As I travel to say my goodbyes to my dear uncle who suddenly passed away from pancreatic cancer, I can't help but notice all the empty promises I have made, the to-do list I never finished and... Continue Reading →

Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy

Pimpin' ain't easy and neither is Bloggin' When I decided to live life true to my creative self, I thought that setting up a blog would be nice and easy like a do-it-at-home hair coloring kit. So far it's been months and frankly I haven't done much of anything outside of writing this blog to say... Continue Reading →

Change requires a leap of faith. However, not all leaps are graceful. Read more about a major change in my life and how I survived the jump.

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