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Before and After Patio

My patio was struggling. Not in size, but totally in design. If I had to guess where things went wrong, I would say it was Day One when I…

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DIY: Globe Hanging Planter

Changed the old ceiling light fixtures in the hallway and wanted to put the old globe shades to good use. Why throw it away when you can repurpose it!…

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DIY Succulent Planter

Don’t throw away that cardbox box! Turn it into an eco-friendly planter instead. I purchased a new patio umbrella and couldn’t help but notice that the box it came…

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DIY: Pedastal Bowl

Just because it’s a DIY that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Get into my new luxe pedestal bowl made from Dollar Tree items! The metallic gold paint…

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More Projects & Finds

Bookcase Before & After

I was hell-bent on never painting my bookcases. The natural wood gave me instant satisfaction. Well, at least it did when I saw them in the local…

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DIY: Art Gallery

What do you do when your kid starts making paintings? Alot of them? I asked myself this question as I noticed my son was starting to paint…

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Nobody’s Gonna Know

For years I stared at my bland staircase and dreamed of it looking…well anyway other than the way it did. If only I could knock out the…

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One-of-a-Kind Collector

It’s the thrill of a hunt that keeps me thrifting. Learning about different cultures and the history behind art is the icing on the cake! I was…

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Plant Shelfie

I love tackling h’ella fun projects! This vertical space for my plants was quick and easy-certified No Sweat Required.

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