DIY: Art Gallery

What do you do when your kid starts making paintings? Alot of them?

I asked myself this question as I noticed my son was starting to paint as much as he doodled and made drawings. For years his art was all over the fridge, piled in overflowing baskets and strewn around his room. In attempt to quiet the chaos, I allowed him to pick his “favorite” art to put in a portfolio. Yup, I was tired of being the bad guy after being caught time after time throwing out his sketches. So I made him do it! The portfolio was a great distraction and great way to organize for a while, but soon he discovered canvas and paint pens. The idea of a painting portfolio didn’t cut it. There wasn’t any other choice. We must start an art gallery! Ok, more like an art wall that I allowed him to rent. As the curator, I was able to help select which art made into the gallery and organize the display. I think this DIY idea may last us a while!

Artist + Curator

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