DIY: Can’t Believe It’s Not Marble

March seems forever ago when we suddenly when life as we knew it became a world of working from home and other unknowns. Some days were bright and optimistic. Most days were bleak and down-right ugly. The before picture of my desk makes the perfect visual! I found this desk..wait for it…outside of a dumpster. That still counts as dumpster diving folks! Ok, it was definitely a posher version since the dumpster was next to a storage unit and the person was nice enough to place it a safe distance away. I literally just pulled up, folded down the legs and heaved it into the back of my SUV-all while wearing heels * Rosie the Riveter style*. My original plan was to revamp it as bar top/kitchen island. It ended up being a bit too tall, so I placed i t in my garage as a craft table and there it sat for months. Fast forward to the pandemic, I was in desperate need of a work set up other than the kitchen table. I figured why not drag the table upstairs and see if it fits. Yahtzee! Covering the top in marble contact paper made it feel luxe. A few weeks ago I ended up finding the best stool that I had been eyeing on Target’s website! It was $50 so I saved it in my favorites. The universe rewarded me with the exact same stool at a thrift store for only $10! It’s so true that if you write something down that you want, the universe will find a way to give it to you!

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