Motivated By Death

Death is like a cold, hard slap to the face screaming *in my Spike Lee voice* “Wake up!”

As I travel to say my goodbyes to my dear uncle who suddenly passed away from pancreatic cancer, I can’t help but notice all the empty promises I have made, the to-do list I never finished and the dreams I half accomplished. At this moment, life has never felt shorter. Death has become my motivator. As the scripture resonates within my soul, no one knows the day or hour…I feel myself begging and pleading that there’s so much left for me to do. Rather than living as if tomorrow is guaranteed, shouldn’t we all live as if our time could be up any second, minute or hour?
By acknowledging death we are truly able to live for today. It is when we overlook and underestimate death that it catches us off guard and desperately unprepared. I know that one day we must all leave this earth, so from this moment on I choose to be motivated by the present. For it is what we do in the present that dictates our life after death.

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