Building Our Coffee Stand

I’ve heard of a kid wanting a lemonade stand, but coffee? Creating a stand with zero carpentry skills and no blueprints is a miracle in itself. Maybe it was the adrenaline of knowing we were creating something cool and Trenton’s dream-to one day own a coffee stand. The kid was quite clear and persistent. So we did a lot of research and set off for what would be the first of five trips to Lowe’s.

We decided to purchase chalkboards to use as the base of the stand. Because they were already black, we didn’t have to paint them and they were the perfect height. We also grabbed few boards to create shelves. Afterwards, Trent threw me for a loop when he asked “what about the roof?” I never imagined our cart having one, so you could imagine my reaction. After walking down nearly every aisle we happened upon a small section of roof panels. Never knew Lowe’s sold tin roofs I guess because I never had a need to look for them. The smoked gray plastic panel was lightweight and unique.

After hours of figuring out which way to screw each hinge so the stand would collapse fold and adding support beams we finally got the stand to stand. Trenton and I both felt a huge sense of accomplishment and relief-it’s really happening!

We didn’t let rain nor nightfall stop us from pushing through on the build. Trenton designed every detail and drew his space theme. Trent also had the idea to add a small table on the side of the stand. The extra table pulls out when needed and easily tucks away after use. I must admit it was a nice touch!

The roof was by far the most difficult part to configure. We ended up punching small holes in the plastic panel and using screw hooks to keep it in place! The hooks allow us to easily remove the roof to store and transport the stand.

Nothing beats the moment we “rolled” out for business! I admit as the Mom and Principal Builder, I was super nervous the stand wouldn’t hold up in New Mexico’s unpredictable weather. Despite being drenched in an unexpected thunderstorm and a few other bumps along the way, our stand is going strong. I am forever grateful for this mother + son collaboration and the lessons learned. Because of it, nothing can stop us!

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